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Author Topic: (FAQ) Mitel SX200 Set Time  (Read 2716 times)

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(FAQ) Mitel SX200 Set Time
« on: June 30, 2010, 09:50:19 AM »
To adjust the system time on a Mitel SX200 (Digital through ICP versions), you need to access Attendant functions from the Attendant Console.

- Press 'FUNCTION' key and the LCD will display the available functions
- Press 'ATT FUNCTION' key and the LCD will display the available Attendant functions (if 'SET TIME' and 'SET DATE' are not displayed, contact your Mitel vendor to have these features added)
- Press 'SET TIME' and the display will show 'ENTER TIME (HH:MM)='
- Enter the 2-digit hour (the ':' will be displayed) and the 2-digit minute
- If the system is programmed for a 12-hour clock, the display will show 'AM' and 'PM' options; press the appropriate option
- Press 'SET' to save your entry
- Press 'EXIT' to return to the normal console display
- Within a short time, the correct time will be displayed at the console and on display phones

PLEASE NOTE: If this FAQ helps solve your problem, come back to the Forum and let us know!

This is an Open FAQ.  If you have questions, additions, or corrections, feel free to reply.  
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