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Multi-cast paging?


Can the NS-700 page to multicast?

2 external page page ports.
Multicast would have to have an aftermarket unit between the page port and the amp.

If I understand your question correctly, you meant group or all-call paging over IP phones, correct?  I know that with other systems, this requires that the audio path to the IP phone remains connected constantly so as to receive paging regardless of the status of the phone(s).

Of course, this is not something desirable due to many bandwidth restrictions.  With Vertical/Vodavi systems, this is automatic by simply allowing a station to receive pages.  Because those systems allow a 2:1 ratio of phones to IP ports, it causes artificial congestion by keeping the audio path engaged constantly.  I don't think this is a product-specific issue; it is more of a port allocation issue.

I'll double-check this on the NS-700 with my coworkers who are more knowledgeable on that product tomorrow and check back.  By the way, this is an excellent question.


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