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Author Topic: Need some Magic Jack wisdom  (Read 546 times)

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Need some Magic Jack wisdom
« on: November 25, 2019, 01:30:53 AM »
Hey, All.  I know we visited the ins and outs of the Magic Jack years ago, but I'm back to see who might have gained some knowledge of them over the years.  They have come a LONG way and actually work pretty reliably now.  One of the causes for failure was the high current drain on the USB port it was using.  The other problem was the original one-piece design (the chrome ones with the window).  The new versions have overcome most of the issues and seem to work well.

Here's what I'm seeking:  I just bought a new Magic Jack for my elderly mother who has zero interest in technology.  She just moved to a new house and I got her one of the new Magic Jack Home units.  Since she wants it simple, does anyone know how to disable call waiting?  She goes nuts when she hears the tone and refuses to learn how to use it.

Secondly, she wants the caller to receive a busy signal and nothing else when she's on the line.  I've disabled voice mail, but when it's busy, a recording still comes on saying that the MJ customer is not available, then allows them to leave a message.  Since I have voice mail turned off, I have no idea where callers would leave their message.

Magic Jack doesn't really have live tech support, other than their on-line chat that is impossible to reach.  They certainly don't have a phone number to call either.  Of course, they offer Concierge service for $15.00 extra to get a live body, but I think that's overkill for such a simple request.  I got mine to do this years ago, but i forgot what I did to accomplish it.

I did a quick web search for these items and got nowhere.  These Millenials grew up with voice mail, so they have no idea what a busy signal even is.  Did anyone keep their notes when we originally got into discussion about them?
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Re: Need some Magic Jack wisdom
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2019, 06:34:59 AM »
What version do you have?

Call Waiting Disable (Dial 70) has just been released in Magicfeatures Release 1.07.

Just go offhook and dial 70 on your phone keypad. When you hear dialtone again enter the number you wish to call. Call waiting is restored after you hang up.

There is also a new option available to disable the call waiting feature for all calls.

The second option in bold type should work for your mom. You need magic features, which is a companion to the magic jack.
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