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Author Topic: RDP Vulnerability Found, But Microsoft Won’t Patch It  (Read 1472 times)

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Re: RDP Vulnerability Found, But Microsoft Won’t Patch It
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2019, 09:51:30 AM »
It's going to be an ongoing problem.  We set up an MSP with PCMatic (from that website) a while back and have been playing with it in Beta.  We're scheduled to roll it out WAN wide this weekend and hopefully sleep a little better. 
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Re: RDP Vulnerability Found, But Microsoft Won’t Patch It
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2019, 03:39:15 PM »
Looks like it's being taken a step further.

Much like the NSA-authored worm that [was] stolen by hackers, modified and foisted upon Internet users in the form of the WannaCry worm that infected hundreds of thousands of computers back in 2017, a new NSA worm called EternalBlue was stolen by a hacking group known as the Shadow Brokers and is set to be unleashed upon unpatched Windows  7 (and older versions of Windows ) computers as the BlueKeep worm.

The BlueKeep worm is a Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability.
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