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Author Topic: Message waiting buttons on TDE600 stations stopped working  (Read 1453 times)

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We have a customer using a TDE600. In one department, there are six phones, with five of them having DSS consoles. On all of them, a button is being used as a message waiting button for mailbox 501. One of the phones has a message waiting button for this same mailbox, but it's not on a DSS console.

When this button is pressed from any of the phones, they receive '315: PT' on their display and it rings IP extension 315 at a remote location. I went in and re-programmed these buttons to be message waiting buttons for mailbox 501 remotely by blanking them out and then re-programming them. No change.

We went there yesterday and made the same programming changes on-site. No change either. We gave up and advised the customer to reboot the system after hours, which they did. We still have the same problem. Note, these message waiting buttons have been working fine for years.

I also went into mailbox 501 on their TVS200 to see if anything strange exists there, but nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. Any suggestions?
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Re: Message waiting buttons on TDE600 stations stopped working
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2019, 12:50:13 PM »
If you program a 501 Message Waiting indication on a new key that was not previously programmed, what happens - does it revert or accept programming?  If you try to change that key on the DSS consoles to anything else, does that take?

I'm not sure how Panasonic works - do you assign a key pattern to a phone or are the keys programmed individually per phone?  If it's an assigned pattern, you could try creating a new pattern. 

It sounds like there's some corruption somewhere along the line.  If you can find where is starts tripping up, maybe that will lead to a solution.
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