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Author Topic: SX200 Light Console Issue  (Read 2419 times)

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SX200 Light Console Issue
« on: May 13, 2020, 03:39:37 PM »
I've encountered a motel with a dead console (Superconsole 1000).  Upon arrival, I found three line cords in the area of the console.  One was completely dead.  The second caused the bottom row of LEDs for hold/park, etc. keys to flash every few seconds (I suspect this is the correct cord).  The third results in the following display message:

"Waiting for syncronization 845690106"

This display never changes.  I suspect that this is actually for a superset because I traced this cord to a jack on the other side of the wall in the manager's office labeled X460.  The customer doesn't have a superset or another console for me to use to confirm anything.  I toned out both of these back to the switch and they are the only two white/red jumpers.  All of the other ones are white/blue for room phones, so finding them wasn't difficult. On the first one, I can clip on with a butt set and receive about a second of talk battery every few seconds, which I'm sure is in unison with the flashing LEDs.

The system has two bays as follows:

Bay 2:  ONS, ONS, ONS, ONS, ONS, T1/DS1

I have rebooted the system to no avail.  This trouble was reported as a phone not working; a typically easy fix.  Had I known it was the console, I would have rejected the work order.  If this is something I shouldn't be messing with, just tell me and I'll advise they call someone else.  I'm hoping it's just something simple that I can finish for them.  Any advice?
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Re: SX200 Light Console Issue
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2020, 11:28:03 PM »
Ed, I'm reaching here.  We pretty much jumped ship when Mitel took over Inter-tel, but it seems like that message had to do with a phone/device off hook or unplugged for too long.  My first thoughts are a Major Reset (Inter-tel term) or at least a full power down.  I'm not sure if that system had a red button on the CPU card that could be used for a reset in the absence of the software.  I think one can be done from the console.  Oops.  Sorry.   :011:

I'm also thinking maybe a continuity test on the pair that are going to the console to make sure they're all in tact.  It's like your getting partial signal.  Two nights back in the dark we found out a NEC phone display will show Initializing for as long as you're willing to sit there if you accidently plug it into a trunk jack.  Ughhh.

Also, if you do have any bad wiring, and if any of those lines are two pair, just know that Inter-tel and many Mitel did freaky things with the orange pair.  If you wire them normally, you get this kind of behavior.  On some systems, you have to roll the orange pair to get the phones to work.  On others, the blue pair is unused, and the orange pair is your first pair.  That was done so any jack could have a tip and ring on the first pair, and the digital phone on the second pair.  That way any jack could be used for either purpose.

Not sure any of that helped and you probably already know most of it, but some knowledge to have in the back of your head while you're beating it on the cabinet.
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