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Anyone have any luck using a Magic JackGO for an alarm system?  Tried hooking it up today for a client at his request and when we had the alarm company check the connection, it wasn't working.  Told we need an IP module as Kagic JackGo is on a different frequency.  This was supposedly confirmed by another company.

magic jack, vonage, and occasionally lines brought in through a channel bank have always caused problems
for alarms. Usually it's voltage and line current issues.
Even if you got it working it would still be dependent on the ISP being up.
That being the case you might as well just put in a data module on the alarm, (almost all of them offer it),
 and have it transmit over the internet.
A lot more features and he could also interface it to a smart phone.

Don't most alarms transmit a data stream similar to a modem? 

Yes Don, but after the connection has been established.
The problem is the digital dialers that are used to establish the connection.
With a data module the dialer is eliminated.


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