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Author Topic: NEC DX2NA-32  (Read 11234 times)

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Re: NEC DX2NA-32
« Reply #15 on: December 31, 2019, 06:47:05 PM »
Welcome to the board, Connor.

That box predates my NEC knowlege as we were primarily an Inter-Tel shop back then, but fear not.  We do have some gurus on this board.  That said, I don't know your competence level, but as a someone well seasoned in the telco arena, I as well as plenty of other seasoned guys on this board will tell you, NEC is a different kind of animal.  Even with the manual.  It's not a bad system at all.  In fact it's because of its versatility that it's often such a PITA to program.

Hopefully one of the gurus will check in shortly.  Don was around on those older systems and will likley have all the answers.  If it is above what you feel confdent doing, there are a few techs here who can be trusted to do remote programming for you if necessary.
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