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Author Topic: Door Phone end of sales notification  (Read 2490 times)

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Door Phone end of sales notification
« on: May 29, 2014, 05:35:38 PM »
A very sad day.

 Bulletin No. 260: Door Phone_EOL                                             
Door Phone End of Sales (EOS) Notification   

Samsung Telecommunications America announces the End of Sales Notification and End of Sales Date for the Door Phone. Definitions and specific details of the affected product part numbers are described in the table below.

End of Sales (EOS) Notification Definition

This announcement advises STA authorized Dealer, Distributors, and Resellers that a product will no longer be available for sale on a specific date. The EOS notification will normally be provided in writing sixty (60) days prior to the End of Sales (EOS) Date. Due to the limited timing provided to Samsung STA, the 60 day notice for this specific product is not possible.

End of Sales (EOS) Date Definition

This is the date the sale of product is discontinued and the last date Dealers, Distributors or Resellers can order the product from STA. On the end of sales date, manufacturer discontinued products are removed from the Global Samsung Business Network (GSBN) and are no longer available for purchase.

Product Part Numbers affected by this EOS Notification
Product Part Number   Product Description
KPOPT-BDP4/XAR   Door Phone Unit
KP40D-BDPI/XAR   Door Phone Interface DPIM (Requires DCS Door Phone)
End of Sales (EOS) Date
Orders will not be accepted or fulfilled after the End of Sales Date. 

Replacement Product: Samsung is in the process of testing a replacement product.
Dealers are installing Viking's W-2000A. To obtain product information contact Viking at
715¬-386¬-8861 or via e-mail at info@vikingelectronics.com
This product bulletin is also available for download on GSBN at Communication >Technical Support > Downloads > Product Bulletin.

Please forward this information to all relevant contacts within your company.

If there are any questions regarding this notice, please contact your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) or Samsung Customer Service via email at bcs.sales@samsung.com.
Thank you,
Samsung Telecommunications America

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Re: Door Phone end of sales notification
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2014, 06:16:05 AM »
I guess I'll need to stock up on a few of these, I've used them often. I have a chain of Dentist offices that use them in the opratories in place of phones.
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