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Author Topic: Welcome- Please read before posting  (Read 3008 times)

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Welcome- Please read before posting
« on: May 21, 2010, 06:33:22 PM »
This forum is here to help both end-users and technicians with the setup, use, and maintenance of Panasonic telephone systems.  Although this is a free-access board, many of the members of Telephone Techs are technicians with decades of experience in the field of telecommunications and they're happy to share that with you.  

Feel free to post your questions.  Even the most basic problems can provoke interesting exchanges.  Be sure to give as much information as possible because the more information we have, the better we can help you.  Be sure you've completed your User Profile so others know who they're helping and what level of experience to assume you have.  Understand that some issues may be too complex or time consuming to deal with on the public forum and one or more of the Installers may offer help by private message, email, or telephone.  In such cases, it's fair to expect to negotiate a reasonable fee for the level of support you need.  After all, this is also how many of us make our living!

Please do not post or request passwords or any other proprietary information.  In general, anything that's not included in the end-user or administrator guides should be addressed by private messaging or in some other way outside this forum.  Please do not discuss issues of pricing or post complaints in open forum.  Try to stay on topic and treat everybody the way you want to be treated.

Most of all, remember that the board is here so we can help each other and have some fun along the way.  

If you're familiar with other telecom systems but new to Panasonic equipment, feel free to request access to the Technicians & Installers Forum.  Post your questions there and let us know the level of your experience so the professionals in that forum can know how to best help you with your Panasonic system.

If you're thinking about taking responsibility for your own Panasonic system, PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION!  In the vast majority of situations, your best decision would be to enlist the services of an experienced technician, either to perform the work for you or to give you some training on the features you need to administer.  Be aware that the system you'd be working on is extremely complex and, at the same time, extremely critical to the daily operation of your business.  The unintended costs of the "on-the-job" learning curve could far exceed anything you would pay a competent technician.

That being said, the issue of Panasonic passwords is a simple one.  The Installation & Maintenance manuals for any of these systems will provide all the information you need.  Without these documents in hand and familiar to you, you really shouldn't even consider attempting to program any of these switches and anyone who offers to help you do so is not doing you a favor.  If reading the I&M manuals doesn't dissuade you, please take it slowly and backup and document obsessively as you go along.  If you find yourself in over you head, don't be too proud to come back to this forum and ask for help in finding an experienced Panasonic technician who can assist you.   

The Terms of Service and General Rules of this board strictly forbid the posting of passwords and other proprietary information in the open forums.  For everyone's sake, please abide by that rule.
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