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Author Topic: Re-ring station 100  (Read 5361 times)

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Re-ring station 100
« on: October 21, 2013, 08:47:16 PM »
I'm working on a Vodavi STS  (version info Eng. V1.01 - AFEO) with a flash voice mail card and six 24 button stations.  All incoming CO lines are setup to ring station 100, and if there's no answer (after 2 rings) the auto attendant message is played giving callers the option of dialing an extension.  If the the caller dials the auto attendant (station 100) the call goes directly to VM (which makes sense because station 100 was rung before the auto attendant answered).  However, since the phone only rings two times (to get the caller ID info) the attendant sometimes doesn't get a chance to answer.  Is there a way to get the system to ring station 100 again before going to VM (like calls to all the other extensions work)?  Or is the only solution to have the phone ring more times before the auto attendant picks up?

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Re: Re-ring station 100
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2013, 01:46:31 PM »
To start with, you should have the CO ring delay timer set for up to 6 seconds in order for the caller Id to be present before the phones ring or the AA answers. Then, the CO Preset Forward timer controls how long the attendant rings before forwarding to the AA pilot number. I prefer creating and using hunt group 450 instead of VM group 440.

Now if you set the key action in the AA "0" to either "0" or 100, then the stations No-Answer timer will be used to send the unanswered call to voice mail 440. However, attendant stations  don't always send their own ID to the voice mail and the caller could end up back at the main prompt.

The earlier flash VM didn't have a  good time out option. The greeting would play 3x and then transfer to "0"