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Author Topic: High Loop Current From Cox's Arris Modems Causing Voicemail Cut Off Samsung 7030  (Read 2985 times)

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I have two customers that have Samsung OS7030's.

They both have voice phone lines from Cox.

Both are complaining that voicemail messages are being cut off midstream. Samsung says that voicemail messages being cut off is a sign

of high loop current on the lines.

I have found that at one site the loop current coming from the Cox Arris Modem is 42-48 milliamps.

Cox says that this cannot be adjusted.

The Arris Website Even Says That Cox's Arris phone modems are set for:
"An option to increase the loop current to 40ma to overcome troublesome customer premises equipment and poor in-house wiring".

Does anyone know of a way to handle this issue?

MikeS In VA


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From Mike Sandman;

Symptoms of High Loop Current Include:  

Burned Out Key, PBX or Data Equipment
Garbled Data and Modem Failures   
Cut-offs & Squealing on Lines   <------------------------------------*
Crosstalk, Echo & Hollow Sounding Lines   
Numerous Intermittent Circuit Failures   
Off Premise Equipment Problems

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Timewarner also has the same problem on some Arris modems, it always cuts off the end of the voicemail.

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Yeah, get sandman's current reducers, at least one to try.  We've seen lots of loop current as high as 120ma up here from GTD5's which really reap havoc on caller ID and trunk disconnects.
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