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Author Topic: How To Setup Option 156 On Windows Server For ShoreTel Phones  (Read 81343 times)

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How To Setup Option 156 On Windows Server For ShoreTel Phones
« on: February 22, 2012, 04:36:31 PM »
I just finished installing my first ShoreTel system and I wanted to pass on some tips. The first tip is for setting up your DHCP Server to handout the correct information to the phones. These specific instructions are for Windows Server 2008.

  • Click on the Start Button --> All Programs --> Administrative Tools --> DHCP Server.
  • Right-click the DHCP server and then select Set pre-defined options.
  • Click Add.
  • Set Name to IP Phone Boot Server.
  • Set Data Type to String.
  • Set Code to 156 and add a description, if desired.
  • Navigate to the scope options and add option 156.
  • Set the value of option 156 to: ftpservers=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, country=1, language=1, layer2tagging=1, vlanid=xx

NOTE: The IP address for your FTP server is the IP address for your ShoreWare Headquarters Server. The VLAN ID is whatever VLAN you create for your voice network.

You will also want to use the Scope 4 option to point the ShoreTel phones to an SNTP time server. If you do not use an internal SNTP time server, a good one to use is or
Marc Haycook