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Author Topic: Setting the Time and date  (Read 3047 times)

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Setting the Time and date
« on: September 20, 2011, 09:54:43 AM »
We'll deal with the IDS systems here and the procedure can vary depending on the system software.

If you have a system that has an Operator CRT terminal
1)With the terminal idle press Crtl C
2)The cursor will move to the hour
3)Set the 2 digit hour in military time ie 6 Pm = 18
4)Enter the 2 digit minutes field
5)Press return and the cursor will move to the month field
6)Enter the  month followed by the day and year (all 2 digit fields)
7)Again press Ctrl C to return the terminal to normal operation

The second way would be through programming ,either through a CRT or programming terminal onsite or remotely through the built in modem.

1)Press Escape to see the disclaimer screen and enter the system password
2)From the main programming screen,press B for system programming
3)While in the system programing screen,enter T to go to the time/date field
4)Enter the time in 24 hour format
5)Press Return until you get to the date field and enter the date in month-date-year format

And there is a 3rd option for setting the time but it is dependent on the system software and type.Executone added a feature to the software that allows the use of a feature code to set the time and date.
From an operator telephone you can dial 28 plus the 4 digit time in 24 hour clock format.You will get a confirmation tone after you have entered the time.