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Author Topic: Mp10a Watchdog/Voicemail issues  (Read 2626 times)

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Mp10a Watchdog/Voicemail issues
« on: September 02, 2011, 11:53:01 AM »
I have 2 7100's networked both running 4.30i, and have been since it came out in 09 w/o problems.
Until about 6 months ago when one of the systems started getting phantom messages on 2 extensions every morning they came in (always the same 2).  When you go to retrieve the message the system says you do not have messages, the log file indicates it tried to load the message to play to the user but could not find it. "VMT at sayndx sfname open error"
We started with the obvious, defaulted both system and VM, problem went away for a few weeks and came back.
Second we loaned them an MP10a sent in for repair... neither the initial repair company or samsung could find the problem.
So i defaulted and reprogrammed it from scratch, problem went dormant for another couple weeks and now its back 10 fold.
Same 2 extensions get phantom messages, now when they login to their mailboxes it just plays extension options not mailbox options, have verified with Web Management they have both ext and mbx w/o any duplicates anywhere, however callers can leave messages in those 2 mailboxes.  Also when attempting to login to administration it actually logs you into mailbox 500.  The activity log shows,

2) [MNU Day Main] Searching on Caller entry - ***** (not sure if you care that's posted here or not)
CP 9:29.26.25  2) Admin access
 2) [MNU Day Main] System administration code entered
 2) [MNU Day Main] Requesting password
CP 9:29.32.71  2) No response from caller
 2) [MNU Day Main] Searching on NO-ENTRY
 2) [EXT 01 EXT 500] Subscriber Logon
 2) [EXT 01 EXT 500] Requesting password
CP 9:29.36.35  2) Password entered
 2) [EXT 01 EXT 500] Subscriber main menu
CP 9:29.42.37  2) First party disconnect detected
 2) [EXT 01 EXT 500] Caller disconnected

Everytime this problem comes back its starts with a watchdog reset and is never right until a hard reset/memory dump for a few weeks and we start back over again. 
Anyone have ideas?
I'm leaning towards something on the network so next week i'm going to install a firewall between the phone system and the network restricting all traffic except for the other system.