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Author Topic: 7200s UCD only playing first 1-second portion of greeting  (Read 1824 times)

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7200s UCD only playing first 1-second portion of greeting
« on: August 20, 2011, 11:18:20 AM »
Brand new install 7200s on 4.53c.  All TDM phones, analog trunks, nothing special here. 

UCD is having some troubles...  Call comes in and is answered by AA directly.  Caller must navigate via day-main to second 'sales' menu, that choice directs call to UCD group 504 (which overflows to 514 for VMSUCD).  3 agents logged in.  Auto log-off is disabled.

I've set up lots of UCD in the past, never with this particular flavour of issues

First problem:
Call rings first agent in 504, overflows in 3 rings to second agent - then voicemail pulls call back to play default no answer greeting (i think for ext 504).  I think this is fixed by changing that to unsupervised.

Second problem:
if first agent doesnt get the call, UCD first greeting starts to play but only half of first word gets played then MOH plays.  Samsung Tech support tells me I should 'record 1 second of silence on the front of the first greeting to 'fix' this. 

Not sure if this level of question should be open or tech level, starting here.
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