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« on: April 29, 2010, 06:47:14 PM »
Hal Bissinger is the owner of COMSYSTEC which serves Westchester, Putnam and parts of Duchess and Rockland Counties in New York.

COMSYSTEC Telecommunications caters to small businesses needing from one to fifteen lines and up to forty eight extensions.

Another division, COMSYSTEC Audio Environments provides and services background music, foreground music and paging systems for businesses.

Hal was born in New York City, NY and grew up in Westchester County where he still resides. He has a diversified portfolio of experience dating back to the mid 60’s maintaining 1A2 telephone systems and electronics. Before forming COMSYSTEC Telecommunications in 1993, Hal was the owner of an electrical contracting company then later an Master Antenna Television service and installation company. When cable TV began replacing MATV in the 80’s the company adapted and performed engineering, installation of outside/inside plant, multiple dwelling units as well as maintenance for a number of CATV companies in the area.

Married for 15 years, other interests include photography, woodworking and anything construction related.
I gotta get out of this business...

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