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Author Topic: Definity AT&T system 75 trunk change  (Read 2301 times)

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Definity AT&T system 75 trunk change
« on: December 09, 2010, 01:21:43 PM »
Hello all,

thank you in advance for any replies.  We are not a certified Avaya dealer, however we have a customer who has contacted us to help in porting from one service provider to another.  They currently are using ground start trunks, but are going to switch to a new service with Loop start trunks.  Was wondering if anyone may be able to help us out, or point us in the right direction on getting this switched over for them.  They currently have 2 "CO Trunk TN747B" trunk cards, and are under the belief this supports both trunk types.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank you!

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Re: Definity AT&T system 75 trunk change
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2010, 03:23:14 PM »
TN747 supports both loop and ground start. See page 4-14

l CO Trunk Circuit Pack (TN747 or TN747B)
Provides eight ports for loop-start or ground-start central office (CO), foreign
exchange (FX), or Wide Area Telecommunications Service (WATS) trunks. A port can
also be used for a PagePac* Paging System. The circuit pack provides 1-Way In, 1-
Way Out, or 2-Way 2-Wire 600 Ohms or RC Balance Network transmission. The
TN747B CO Trunk circuit pack supports the Abandoned Call Search feature for ACD
applications in V3. The following lead appearances are provided for each port: T, R.