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Author Topic: How to sync the time on a legacy G3.  (Read 3359 times)

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How to sync the time on a legacy G3.
« on: September 03, 2010, 02:20:22 PM »
If you have a legacy G3 PBX and are tired of running 'set time' every month to fix the time, here is how to fix this.  First set up a PC and install Avaya Site Administration on it.  This PC will need to be left on 24/7/365.  You'll need to make sure that this PC is sync'ing with a NTP source. 

Select the PBX you want to sync using the drop down on the top.  Under the fault and performance tab, select time synchronization.  Select offset if the PBX is in a different time zone then yours, then click next.  Select schedule this task, then select schedule.  Select monthly and set the time for the first of the month at 3am.  You'll want the sync to take place during off hours as you don't want to affect your CDR records.  If your connecting via modem, then make sure you select 'disconnect from system after task has been processed'.  Click OK.  Click next.  Click finish.  Click file and save configuration. 

Now when you look under the schedule tab in ASA, you'll see a process that is waiting to run.  This process will update the time on the PBX, but in order for the phones to be updated make sure you check 'change sys feat'.  Look for 'system updates time on station displays'.  Make sure this is set to yes.