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Author Topic: How to set time on a S8300, S8400, S8500, S8510, S8700, S8710, S8720, S8730, etc  (Read 11803 times)

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Start by opening a browser.  Enter the IP address of the S8XX0.  Click continue.  Enter your logon id, click logon.  Enter your password, click logon.  Depending on the software version, click 'launch maintenance web interface' or select administration, then click server (maintenance).  On the left side menu, select server date/time.  Set the time and click submit.  This process will update the time on the server, but in order for the phones to be updated make sure you check 'change sys feat' in ASA.  Look for 'system updates time on station displays'.  Make sure this is set to yes. 

This process should be used to set the time during an install.  Over time, the time will drift.  A lot.  I recommend that you setup the server for NTP.  Here's how.  On the left hand side click, network time sync. You'll probably see nothing set up.  Next click configure server.  If this is pair of servers (S8700, S8710, S8720, S8730), then you'll need to configure the standby server first then interchange servers, then do the other sever and finally interchange back.  After you click configure server, you'll get a warning page, click continue.  Then another warning telling you to backup your server.  If you don't know if you have a current backup then you probably shouldn't be reading this.  Click continue.  Select the configure individual services radio button, then click continue.  Click configure time server.  Select 'use these network time servers.  Enter the IP address or DNS name of your time server.  For multicast support select no.  Also, select do not install a new keys file.  Click change.  Close the configure server page.  Wait a few minutes and select network time sync.  You should now see your server syncing.