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Author Topic: CIX670 trunk - Asterisk (Commend intercom) Not showing DID caller ID  (Read 14509 times)

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Offline flexposure

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum, and a noob regarding to Phone installations, but i really hope you can help me out with the following:

At a customer we have the following setup:

Strato CIX670 with SIP trunk
Commend intercom system, with integrated Asterisk SIP server.

The Toshiba has several external lines, and one of them is XXX-XXXX3051.

3051 is dialling/transferred to the SIP trunk of the Toshiba, and the trunk is calling the Commend intercom system.

At this moment, when somebody is calling the XXX-XXXX3051 line, the line is coming in to Commend, but we see the incoming number of the person that is calling.

What we want to see when a call comes in at the Commend side is: 3051 or XXX-XXXX3051. ( a couple of sites of this customer has it's own number, and we want to see from what site the customer is calling )
I tried to change several settings at the DID configuration TAB, but it is still showing the number of the person that is calling.

Thank you all in advance, i really hope somebody can help me out

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So, are you wanting to see the digits of the Toshiba, for transferring purposes? Just need some clarity, sorry. Are you looking for 7 digit DID's vs 10...?
Tony Burkhart
Team Burkhart

Offline flexposure

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Hi Tony,

I'll try to explain:

This customer has a couple of sites, and each site site has his own telephone number.
Customers on site can call this number for support.

All these numbers are going to the toshiba.
These numbers are transfered to the sip, and then to one number of the commend intercom system with asterisk.
So eventually all external lines are transferred to one number: 91000 ( trunk 9 call number 1000 )
What we like to see is not the number from the customer that is calling, but from which line the call is coming from.
This way we can identify where the call is coming from.
From my understanding, the last 4 digits of the external lines are configured in toshiba as an DID.
So when someone is calling i would expect to see the complete number of the external line, or the last 4 digits from the external line. ( and one of these two is what we like to have )
At this point we only see the customers number.

Sorry if my explanation is a bit unclear, i'm from the netherlands and i'm not a phone expert.


Regards Ronald