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Title: Compression rate on Arris EMTAs
Post by: EV607797 on May 19, 2021, 01:28:33 PM
I'm pretty sure that my EMTA from Spectrum is compressing voice to G.729, which seems to be the norm.  Because I do a lot of dial-up modem work, I asked them if they would take it down to G.711.  Of course, I might as well have asked if I can get wine running from my faucets.  Anyway, after about an hour, I reached someone who told me that it simply can't be done, but that I can purchase my own router that will do it.  I don't believe this.

I logged into the router settings and of course there's nothing on the user side, however there is a password-protected side for their technicians to use in order to access advanced settings.  Does anyone know if they are telling me the truth or if I should just seek an alternative?