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Title: SBX IP release 3.5 NOW AVAILABLE!
Post by: NFCphoneman on June 16, 2010, 11:22:26 AM
Release 3.5 is now avaliable for download at vconnect.  Here are the new features:

Robust Voice Mail Feature Enhancements
Cascade mailbox
E-mail notification of voice mail
Administrative mailbox
Virtual mailboxes
Announce only mailbox
Class of Service (COS) settings
Outcall retires/interval
User enhancements
Distribution lists
Rewind, FF, pause/start when listening to a message
Future delivery, private message, confirm receipt, dial-by-name on sending a message
Temporary greeting
STS digital telephone support
Call Screening (answer machine emulation)
Caller ID name/number in call log
Improved Administration
All new parameters can be programmed from the TUI or PCAdmin
Improved voice prompt upgrade process