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Title: Please Read Before Posting
Post by: CnGracin on June 07, 2010, 12:04:48 PM
WELCOME to the T1, CSU & DSU Section of

This forum is here to provide assistance with digital services provided by a LEC (Local Exchange Carrier = Traditional telephone company,) CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier,) IXC (inter exchange carrier = long distance provider) or cable based telecom provider. Feel free to post your questions in this section, on anything “digital data services” related and the equipment that makes it all work.

When asking a question(s) please be as detailed possible as to what you’re specifically asking. Also, before posting please completely fill out your membership profile.

In order to maintain continuity of a discussion, when posting a new question, please start a NEW TOPIC. This can be done by clicking on the “NEW TOPIC” link seen at the top and bottom of the right side of your screen. 

This is an ON TOPIC forum only. Please keep all postings to this section related to T1 services and the gear that makes it happen. This is a forum for discussions between professionals and will be kept polite, civilized and professional at all times.

* Please note questions and concerns about digital services above or below T1 (DS1) rate are welcome here too. So your DS0 (56Kb or 64 Kb,) fractional-T1, and T3 (DS3) questions are encouraged in this section too.