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Title: locked out of phonemail
Post by: pjaffe on December 31, 2012, 01:49:25 PM
My wife runs a very small office.  She shares the voicemail with a coworker.  There are only 3 or 4 extensions on the voicemail system.  Today, they tried to check the voicemail but the password no longer works.  Could it have been locked out by someone trying it repeatedly with the wrong password?  We don't know if this mailbox is an administrative one or not. Is tech-support required to unlock it?  Will it unlock by itself after 24 hours?

I honestly don't know much about the system other that seeing "Iwatsu" on the phones. Is there more info I need to get this resolved and if so where do I look?

- Peter
Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: hbiss on December 31, 2012, 02:49:34 PM
Stacey (Keighlar) should be able to answer your question, she's an Iwatsu tech. I don't know what she's doing today or tomorrow though.

Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: Marc Haycook on December 31, 2012, 02:51:27 PM
New members are not allowed to use the PM feature on this site, but she has her email listed. You can click on the link below to view her profile.;u=77

According to her profile, she was logged in this morning.
Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: Keighlar on December 31, 2012, 03:17:35 PM
I've been working hard today, but here I am.   :003:

This is going to depend on the voicemail system connected to the Iwatsu.  If it's a small office, it's probably the on-board VML made by Iwatsu.  In this case, there is no "lock out" feature for number of incorrect attempts and it won't "unlock" by itself.  If you cannot get into the mailbox it's because someone changed the passcode.  If it's not the administrative mailbox, you're in luck because the admin mailbox can be used to delete a passcode for any other mailbox.  The drawback to that is you need to go to each phone, one by one, log into the mailbox for that phone and press 4 for Administrative Options.  If it starts to give you options, then you've found the admin box and you can unlock the other extension. 

If it IS the admin box that's locked, you will need a tech to come in and physically connect to the voicemail in order to reset the passcode.  This is all assuming that it's the Iwatsu VML. 

Give it a shot and let me know if you get the option 4 for Admin.  Good luck!
Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: pjaffe on January 02, 2013, 08:25:04 AM
The crisis is averted.  It seems that after working in the office for 10 years, they somehow forgot the password.  Taking off for New Years gave the brain time to reset and all is working today.

With that said, it did bring a few issues to our attention.  We do not understand how the system works.  Here is what I do know so perhaps you can interpret it for me.  Can we setup an extra admin account to give us access in case they forget the password again?

The hardware box says Iwatsu Omega-Phone ADIX.

There are 2 main DID numbers (two different organizations sharing the switch) and a couple of secondary phone numbers for each. 

The phones show all of the lines on each one so I am not sure how you would differentiate any one phone or extension from another but each DID only rings in the correct office.

There are about 3-4 phonemail boxes created as well as an outgoing announcement only mailbox.

So based on this info, is there something we can do to make sure we have an extra admin account to use in case we get locked out again?  Are there any other admin tasks that we should be doing?

Thanks for any time you put into helping us on this.

- Peter
Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: Keighlar on January 02, 2013, 09:10:48 AM
I'm glad to hear that the brain reboot worked out in your favor.   :064:  It sounds like you are looking at a label for a phone, not the phone system.  The phone system is normally mounted on the wall somewhere - usually in the network room, or in a closet or basement.  The VS is an off-white, plastic box.  The APS is a larger gray metal box.  Lastly, the ECS is a black metal box with a blue plastic front cover.  Each one will have Iwatsu on the front of the box.

However, that still does not tell us which voicemail is installed.  If it's the onboard voicemail card, then it is installed inside the cabinet and cannot be seen.  The best way to tell if you have this voicemail is to log-in to the mailbox of your current administrator.  See if you can "Press 4 for System Management."  If you get that option, then you most probably have the Iwatsu voicemail.  Once you press 4, follow the options to 'Change Class of Service' and choose which mailbox you want to make an administrator (mailboxes numbers are usually the same as the extension  number).  You can have more than one administrator, so your current admin box will not be affected. 

Other than that, if your system is working well then it sounds like your programmer did a good job.   :003:  The only things to do would be to check the date and time on the voicemail to make sure that it hasn't slipped over time.  Once you're in System Administration, you can press 5 to check and/or adjust the system time or press 6 to check the system date.

Good luck!
Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: pjaffe on January 02, 2013, 09:30:32 AM
This is a picture of the box mounted on the wall in the basement.  Maybe the APS?
Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: Keighlar on January 02, 2013, 09:34:56 AM
Yup - That's the APS, sorry about that.  Since those are no longer manufactured I didn't have one to actually look at here and forgot that it did have that entire text across the front.  Did you try the press 4 option in the admin mailbox?
Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: pjaffe on January 03, 2013, 11:05:38 AM
Now that the urgency is gone and they are logged back into the system, I will ask them to check the admin function as time permits and then I will get back to you.  I really do appreciate the attention and expertise that you have offered.

- Peter
Title: Re: locked out of phonemail
Post by: Keighlar on January 03, 2013, 12:00:57 PM
No problem.  Glad to be of assistance.  :003: