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Title: Infected Outlook?
Post by: EV607797 on October 14, 2010, 11:13:37 AM
I share my e-mail account between three computers and usually don't have any problems with it. Recently, Outlook stopped working on my PC at home. The program would run just fine and all existing messages were there, but I would receive an unknown error message when it would go to send/receive. I decided to try deleting all of the messages that were in there (thousands) and it would just sit there somewhat unresponsive.

On a hunch, I tried deleting messages one at a time and it would allow me to do this for the most part. What I did notice is that it would not let me delete certain ones. I can highlight it and select delete, but nothing happens. I started to notice a pattern: Say there were four messages from the same sender. It would allow me to delete three of them, but when I reached the last one, it would not.

Having spent hours deleting messages one at a time, I now have several hundred that I can't delete. I'm thinking that some kind of malware has hijacked one message from every sender in there.

Once I deleted most of the messages, I was again able to send/receive.

Does anyone know if this is a legitimate virus or if there's something else that I can do to delete the remaining messages? I will say that I have not heard anything from anyone regarding any strange messages coming to them from my account, but it is possible that if any are, they are being caught by their anti-virus programs.
Title: Re: Infected Outlook?
Post by: Keighlar on October 15, 2010, 08:27:28 AM
Did a little googling, and this seems promising.  If it works, give credit to "Ask Leo."   :003:

I would start by making a backup copy of your pst, and then running the inbox repair tool:
On the surface it sounds like there is some corruption in your pst.
Title: Re: Infected Outlook?
Post by: MacGyver on October 15, 2010, 08:30:26 AM
Stacey beat me to the post.  Outlook is very unstable and the pst is commonly corrupted.  I was just about to post the path to the repair tool.  I have a problems sometimes where a particular email account (i check about 8-10) will corrupt, and I have to start Outlook from the command line so it doesn't poll the boxes.  Then delete that account. 
Title: Re: Infected Outlook?
Post by: hbiss on October 15, 2010, 11:50:43 AM
I sent Ed a PM over at the other board when I read his post. A few weeks ago I had the same problem also. Something going around? Repair wouldn't work because you need the original Microsoft Office 2003 CD which I have. Problem is Dell loaded an OEM version which is not the same as what's on the CD. So it looks for .dll's that aren't on the CD. I was resigned to just upgrading to Office 2007 then I found that there is a SP2 for Office 2003. I gave it a shot and it looks like it replaced my old Outlook. No problems now except the stupid new security feature that displays anything in the junk mail folder as plain text and disables any links.

I also had a strange problem with my browser (IE8) that I don't think had anything to do with my Outlook. One day I found that when navagating around sites like this board at random the page would load but then I would get a message box that the page cannot be displayed on top of it. Clicking "OK" brought me to a 404 type of page that said that the site cannot be displayed. Clicking the back button brings back the page and everything is OK except if I went to another site (no problems if I stayed within the site where I had the problem) it wouldn't load without closing my browser and restarting it. ( I'm going from memory here, that's basically what it was but my wording is probably way off.) I Googled the problem and there are plenty of hits that blame it on how the code for a site is written and people like me complaining but no solution except one that blamed it on Site Meter and changes they made. The really strange thing is is that it went away just like it came- all by itself. So maybe it was something like Site Meter that many sites use.

Title: Re: Infected Outlook?
Post by: EV607797 on October 15, 2010, 10:56:08 PM
Well, Stacey suggested what should have been the obvious. I soon realized that I stated that I have Outlook, when in reality I have Outlook Express 6 (big difference).  Anyway, I went back to good old Google, typed in my issue and found ( and the problem was solved.  I will admit that I had to go to the second page of posts to find out that I also had to delete the items in my deleted folder to truly do a house cleaning.  So far, so good.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Title: Re: Infected Outlook?
Post by: MacGyver on October 16, 2010, 09:10:02 AM
Yep, OE is a HUGE difference Ed.  One other thing that will help you when it overloads like that.  At some point if you're letting things get that full you're going to get some corrupted folders.  What I mean is that even though you've emptied the folder, if you go look at it in the file tree, the size will be very large.  When they get like that, just delete the entire folder from Windows Explorer, not from inside OE.  Then reopen OE.  If it's a required folder like Inbox or Trash, it'll put it back for you.  If not you'll have to replace it yourself.

One of our companies is a title company, and some of the girls keep everything.  We've had to do that a few times over the years.