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NS700 Peer to Peer SIP Trunk setup help


We have a new NS700 we are trying to connect to a nurse call system that uses an Innovaphone IP311. 
I was able to connect the IP311 to a grandstream UCM6202 successfully (in about 5 mins), so I am fairly confident the IP311 is close to being programmed; what I'm struggling with is the NS700 programming. 

We have 4 digit dial in the nurse call (7xxx) and 3 digit dial in the NS700 (1-4xx).  On the IP311, anything that isnt an extension on the appliance gets routed out the only sip route.  I've confirmed this with WireShark, and i'm getting 404 not found from the NS700 for an extension I know exists, because i'm able to make TDM/LCOT calls.

So my question for the forum pana experts is these:
Is my best option to use ARS and set 7xxx to choose a sip trunk route and send the whole string, or is it better to try and use 7 for a trunk group access code, and use inbound digit manipulation to add the 7 back in.

Outgoing, I have the NS700 trunk set up as a SIPvirtualIPGW card, and system gateway has the IP311 ip address as the gateway, but calls never leave the NS700 (wireshark).  I put 4 of these in a trunk group (2) and even assigned a TG2 key on X499.  When I press it I get internal dialtone but dialing anything never is seen on the wireshark.
Any hints that i missed in programming?

We figured it out, the Panasonic NS series does not support SIP Peer to Peer trunking.  It does work with H323/TCP however.


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