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Author Topic: Comdial ConversIP MP5000 Voicemail to Email Broken  (Read 3138 times)

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Comdial ConversIP MP5000 Voicemail to Email Broken
« on: December 20, 2019, 09:47:22 AM »

We inherited a Comdail ConversIP MP5000 PBX system from a client who parted ways with their old In House IT guy. He didnt have much documentation on the system. Apparently a little while back we had gotten notice that the Voicemail to Email features were broken. The only thing we can think of that was done in the time frame was a firewall upgrade and a SMTP server was moved from one server to another.

We have dug all through the PBX System and different config files but cannot seem to find any entry that would indicate where SMTP info for VM to Email would be configure or much info on the VM configuration in general. We are not phone vendors nor are we familiar with these types of PBX systems, I was hoping someone here may be able to shine some light on how this could be setup.. below is any other info I think that could be helpful!

Software on an old Windows 2000 Server that seems to hold all the software for the PBX system -

Comdial - Contains Keymod
Voice Processing System - Contains Voicemail Viewer, Data Setup, etc.
Intel Dialogic System Software - Contains PBXpert and Configuration Manager - DCM
VMMI - Contains VMMI


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Re: Comdial ConversIP MP5000 Voicemail to Email Broken
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2019, 02:21:58 PM »
Check all of your boxes for an invalid email address. One address can cause this. Eventually the READY folder will fill up and stop the system from delivering messages until it is purged. Clean out the READY box and check to make sure your SMTP configuration is correct.