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Author Topic: Florida Woman, 93, Reached End of the Road After 567,000 Miles in Her 1964 Mercu  (Read 421 times)

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Veitch said the classic car — which boasts automatic transmission, frosty air conditioning and a “lousy” 15 miles per gallon — has been featured in several car shows across the country and took her all the way to Pennsylvania in 2007 for her 70th high school reunion. Classmates and neighbors alike are sick of the same old story, she said. Veitch’s dream car was renovated in 2002 after she got a speeding ticket for going 92 mph in a 55 mph zone.  :011: :054:

“When I buy gas, I write down the mileage, the date and how many miles per gallon I got,” she told. “I’ve never been a destructive person and I’ve just taken care of everything, except my husbands.”   :011: :011: :011: :011:

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Cool story. Pretty sure she was on Leno's show back in the day. I still think the 60's were the best time for American automobile engineers. Beautiful cars and trucks. Ran around in high school in a 65 Comet Cyclone. That was a sharp car. Still on the lookout for a nice 65 model. Right now I am chasing a couple of 60s model Studebaker GT Hawks. Unusual car as it was produced in small numbers but they were well engineered.

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Up here the road salt would have gotten them both long ago.

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