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I'm having problems in two locations coming in behind  a  Firewall . I have asked the IT guys to set up port forwarding for me .  I cant connect . when I run online port checker tools I get "port closed " .  They tell me the ports are open . 

I'm assuming i wont be able to connect unless the ports are open . Any suggestions on a better way to test ?

here are the  online checkers I'm using :

I just heard back from the IT guy at one of the sites and he says the sonic wall wont show the port as open . He gave me alternate IP address for the phone system to bypass sonic so off to drive 3 hours and try it .

still waitng to hear from other IT guy

Hey Skip,

Sorry for the delay.  I just saw this.  It sounds like you have an I.T. idiot who thinks he understands I.T., but doesn't understand that Sonicwall is a different animal.  Port forwarding works very well on Sonicwall, but there is more to it than just setting up the service.  Once it's working, he needs to restrict it to a white listed IP as well.

If it's still not working to your satisfaction, tell him to use the Wizard.  Yes, I know all of us hate wizards, but for setting up this particular thing on a SW, it actually is the best way to do it because there are other moving parts in play.

Trace is the only person I trust to properly set up a SW for voice services.   :066:


--- Quote from: Keighlar on December 02, 2019, 06:53:11 PM ---Trace is the only person I trust to properly set up a SW for voice services.   :066:

--- End quote ---

 :011:  Stacey was made to believe that Sonicwalls could not be used for phone systems.  The first time I ever set one up on a system she was programming she was silently waiting to give me a, "See, I knew it..."  I didn't realize that until I had it ready to go, but I secure them down and I hadn't white listed her IP yet.  When she couldn't hit the cabinet she let the first syllable or two slip before I said, "Oh, crap.  I need to give you privileges."  Then she had to swallow those first few syllables back when I proved she could hit the cabinet. 

It almost happened a second time when I set voice to pass to the IP phones, but as we all know, Stacey doesn't like to be wrong so she held back that time.   :066:


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