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As I've probably mentioned here before, the ridiculous cost of cable service has finally forced me to resort to streaming using Roku devices.  So far, things seem to be going OK.  I have noticed that at certain times of day, for example from 8:00 AM to noon, the video quality goes to crap and a lot of buffering occurs.  My first thought was that my speed wasn't sufficient, but a speed test always shows that I'm anywhere from 88-110, which should be more than enough.

I then thought that one of my PCs had been commandeered as a porn server or something, so I disconnected everything but the Roku, waited a while for any buffered material to clear, but the grainy picture remains.  At some points, it is almost black and white.  I also notice very poor performance from my iPhone, which uses my WiFi when I'm at home.  I checked my router and it doesn't appear that anything wireless is connected other than my own devices, so I don't think I'm being hacked.

Any other suggestions?  I think that Spectrum is throttling us somehow, but other than speed, how else can they do this?

Sounds like maybe a latency issue.  Have you tried streaming said content right from the PC to make sure you don't have a bad roku box?

You may be right on on the throttling issue, Ed.  You could be getting 100Mbps when going to Speedtest, but they could be throttling traffic to Roku or Netflix.  Both of those have added their own speedtests so I woud try a speedtest directly to them.  Of course latency and/or jitter may also be an issue.

If your Roku box is one of the old ones that can go wireless or Ethernet, string a cable across the room to your switch and take wireless out of the equation for test purposes.  If you're using your provider's speedtest such as Spectrum, keep in mind that you may have plenty of speed going to their servers, but they may be bogged down going out their gateway to Level 3. 

Also, set up a ping loop to Roku's servers.  Perhaps you're dropping packets, but at its heart, if it's cable internet (read:shared) then if you're having issues at peak times, it's likley them.  Funny how it all clears up for a while at 6 am. 


--- Quote from: EV607797 on September 23, 2019, 07:19:53 AM ---  I think that Spectrum is throttling us somehow, but other than speed, how else can they do this?

--- End quote ---

Since net neutrality was shot down most of the ISP's choke their competition like that. But isn't it a GREAT WIN for the customer!!!!

My thoughts:

Run speed test to confirm speed is good for streaming.
How old is the router?  Eliminate WIFI by plugging in with Ethernet cable. 


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