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Author Topic: Off-premise forwarding on TDE600 losing original caller's CID information.  (Read 49 times)

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Recently, we switched service providers on an existing TDE600.  After the fact, we found that the original service provider (CenturyLink) had made an exception to traditional PRI routing where the customer's main number (426-6000) was pointed to a third party head-end marketing service using a dedicated number 676-7669.  Callers would make their desired option from this head-end tracking service and then the caller would be transferred to the appropriate DID for the department at the car dealership they wanted.  <IMPORTANT>  Under this setup, the caller's number was carried through to the dealership when the call was answered.

Now, Spectrum (the new provider) refuses to peel off the main number (426-2000) and point it elsewhere.  Everything must be delivered over the single PRI and any routing must be handled on-premises.

Old scenario:  Call to 426-2000 > rings directly to 676-7669 and call processing is handled by third party > calls are delivered w/CID information as if directly-dialed.

New scenario:  Call to 426-2000 > rings directly to X222 which is permanently forwarded to 676-7669 > calls are delivered w/ dealership's main number as CID, not the caller's.
(Note:  This setup where the calls go to X222 first was something already set up in the TDE600 from years ago, which is why we didn't noticed the CID following issue until now).

Can anyone think of a manner in which calls to the main number can forward to the third party WITHOUT the CID information being stripped at the TDE prior to forwarding?  I've changed the ISDN options in system programming 2.9.17 CLIP to ISDN, but it had no effect.

NOTE:  If I call the third party's direct number (676-7669) directly and make my selection from their menu, my calling party ID information is displayed correctly, so we know that their end is working properly and the TDE is doing the blocking through the trunk/trunk conference created by the forwarding.
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On the NEC you have to enable the station to pass along the caller ID.  It may be a class of service or extension option.

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If Spectrum refuses to pass through the originating CID, you might want to consider porting the main number to a SIP provider that will.  Many of them still allow this. 
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