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Low-end WiFi extender?


I'm looking for something to either extend a WiFi signal about 350 feet through not perfect outdoor conditions or better yet, a fairy tolerant point-point set.  Any suggestions?

I'm looking to connect between two apartment buildings that are diagonally separated by a parking lot, but not a perfect line of sight between them.  Rooftop access or outdoor antennae are not permitted, so it would have to be something that works window-to-window.

Look at the Ubiquiti NanoStation AC loco 5, or one of the other varieties of the NanoStation. This will give you a point-to-point connection that will have no problem going 350' through windows. There are plenty of YouTube videos that show you how to set them up, they're dirt cheap and very reliable.

Ed we have another thread in here somewhere too where I think yoiu were looking to get a jack down in a basement somewhere and needed an extender.  I think it was a Linksys, but it's been a while.  As I recall they were economical.  If you can't find it I think I remember enough about it to find the thread this evening.

I second the Ubiquiti stuff and its on the low end of $.  I've used a ton of the nano stations for point to point stuff over the years


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