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We need to upgrade WAPs at several location.

Ideally will be expandable to multiple APs on the same system
Must have a browser GUI interface; no cr-apps, or software required
Must have MAC address filtering
Must have >32 MAC slots in the table and preferably >40

It's getting hard to wade through the trash out there, and finding specs online is getting difficult as well.  Any insight would be appreciated.

I sent this to you directly, but I'm adding here to see if anyone has any input or opinion on this one:

Ruckus ZoneFlex R300 Wireless Access Point

Have you looked into Ubiquity?   Or i know they are pricey but what about the meraki's?


--- Quote from: oobie on February 01, 2019, 11:05:13 AM ---Have you looked into Ubiquity?   Or i know they are pricey but what about the meraki's?

--- End quote ---

I actually wanted to use Ubiquity, but 1) apparently you have to use their software for configuration (no web GUI), and 2) in reading up on them I keep reading about issues with MAC filtering.  I haven't read much on the Meraki.

Marc Haycook:
As a CMNA... I have to say Meraki.

If you want an install and forget appliance, the Meraki line is awesome. As an MSP, we love them. If I client has an issue with a firewall, a switch or an AP and it's defective - we just ship them a new one. Configurations are stored in the cloud and they just plug in the device and they are done. Meraki also warranties hardware as long as it's licensed.

If you take the time to get your CMNA, Cisco gives you a Meraki stack. MX appliance, MS switch, and MR access point. They also give you a three year license. At the end of the three years, you renew your certification and they give you three more years.

You can start with just the APs and move the rest of the network over to Meraki line in time or just use the APs. If you have a branch office and you think you might need a second AP, don't get a firewall with the built in wireless. They are managed completely differently.

I hated the Meraki line until I started to use it every day. It's all we sell to our customers, so I use it everyday and I love it. You can also access and manage all your customers from the same login on the portal. If you need help moving to Meraki, let me know.


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