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Rackspace Going By The Wayside

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Dave what do you hear about Rackspace down in your neck of the woods?

Since they sold out I understand they laid off over 200 down in San Antonio, and I can verify first hand that support has gone to $%it.  It takes about 14 hours to get any kind of a response on a ticket.  I've had some go days.  I even have one that has been open for months.  If you try to address that in a ticket it's politely ignored.  During our recent migration it became apparent that you can't post tickets.  You must waste your time calling in, sitting on the phone, and babysitting them while they address the issue.  I've had calls muted out on speakerphone for over two hours.  It's truly HostGator support at Rackspace prices.  They're even being slammed in their own forums at and those slams are going unanswered.

It's too bad they were the most awesome game on the street 10 years ago.

Unfortunately their fanatical support mantra has gone the way of the dinosaurs. You're right..10 years ago they were the place to be both as a customer and employee. My son left over a year ago and is doing quite well. BTW..their CEO resigned last week. On to greener pastures. A lot of Rackers I know who still work there long for the old days.

Wow.  Thanks for the link.

I called our account exec earlier and the 9 minute phone coversation started like this:

"Hi Trace, good morning."

"No.  It's not."

In every ticket they side-stepped my questions about just WTF was going on.  So in this conversation I pointed out in their Fanatical Support Promise, under Transparency, they state, "Our answers to your questions will be straightforward and honest and we will not avoid tough questions."  So I asked again what was going on with the crappy support.  Then I shut up knowing that the next person to speak, loses.  It was a very long pause and he was stammering like Bob Newhart.

We're just now finishing up the first migration we needed to do.  There are about 12 others on the horizon, but not until we find a better solution.

So my last ticket took a week to get addressed.  I opened a new ticket going on 14 hours ago.  Still no response, so I emailed my Account Monkey.  No reply, so I tried to call a minute ago.  He's conveniently not available, so I told them to dump me in his voice mail.  After his outgoing message I get a prompt that says, "You may not leave a message in this mailbox.  Good-bye."  [click].

Welcome to Rack-Gator folks.  It's looking about as bad as when Dell bought Sonicwall.

Wow. Just wow. I'll call a couple of folks I know that work there tomorrow.


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