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i am using the Alcatel 8001 SIP Deskphone. I have the licenses for SIP and SIP is set up in the ECS. When the phone boots up, it gets an IP, it sets the time and goes to the TFTP server and grabs the config. However, through wireshark on the phone and the ECS, I am not seeing a 401 Unauthorize being sent back from the ECS. What would cause the ECS to not send that back. All i really see is register requests in wireshark for the phone and the ecs. But it is not sending back the 401...thanks

Are you seeing any kind of a handshake in Wireshark, and have you changed port settings?  Iwatsu uses non-standard ports.

the ecs wireshark shows the phones request register. but nothing after that, no 401. We are using 5060 as the port on the ecs and the phone. Should something different be used? The phones get dhcp fine and they are pointing to the lan 2 address and all the devices are pingable. From my observations the ecs can see the phones. However, the phones are not getting the 401.  Also, to note when I reboot the ecs the phones register. Then after 10-15 minutes they unregister and dont register again. I have swapped out the processor with a test processor with my same database. same results.

What software version is the ECS running?


--- Quote from: jrpfahl on July 20, 2016, 09:51:53 PM ---Then after 10-15 minutes they unregister and dont register again.
--- End quote ---

Dave, is this sounding a little like a UDP timeout to you?

jrpfahl, are these phones on site, or at a remote location?  If at a remote location, what type of gateway hardware are you using.


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