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Help getting into our messages etc in our Iwatsu Omega Adix phone system

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We cannot retrieve messages from our voice mail. When we push the button it just gives us a busy signal on each phone that has voice mail. When we have incoming calls it just rings and rings and the voice mail never answers. We turned our main box off before and it reset it. This happened a couple times and it worked great. We have tried a few times when it did it again tis week. It did not work this time. Can anyone help? We were trying to figure it out ourselves the company that sold us the phone system went out of business less than 6 months after we purchased it.

You have one other option to try.  You can turn off the system, open the front blue plastic cover with a screw driver, remove and carefully re-insert the VMAC/VML card (possibly a 4EVMC card), then restart the phone system.  If that does not work, then the card has probably been corrupt and needs to be refurbished or replaced.  How old is the system?  Has there been a recent power failure before the card started acting up?

Our system is 9 years old and it has 6 phones on it. We have not had any recent power failures. We will try this tomorrow and see if it resets it. Thanks

I have found that 8 - 10 years is the standard lifespan for those voicemail cards. I'd try re-seating it like I described above, but it may be time to replace it.  :023:  Do you have another Iwatsu dealer in the area?  Good luck!

Thank you for the help. We tried it this morning and it still isn't working so we will look into replacing the card.


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