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Author Topic: edgemarc and remote IP phones  (Read 7588 times)

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edgemarc and remote IP phones
« on: September 29, 2014, 01:09:10 PM »
I have Sip trunks on an NEC SL1100 and since switching the router to an EdgeMarc the IP Remote IP phones won't register.  I have been on the phone with edgewater capturing packets and all that stuff but we aren't getting anywhere.

There is a Knowledge base article on the edgwater site that says you need 2 Interfaces on the phone system and than you play around with ARP Proxy settings in the edgemarc.  they call it sip transversal I think.

I have forwarded the udp/tcp ports and still nothing.  It looks like the edgemarc is messing with the headers.

I would imagine that it should be able to be set up because NEC rebrands the edgemarc and even sells one as an InRouter for the 8100.

Anybody know what the magic combination is, that is needed, to make this work?