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Author Topic: ESI 50L New Installation Quote  (Read 1734 times)

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ESI 50L New Installation Quote
« on: October 23, 2012, 03:09:14 PM »
I want the opinions of others on the following ESI quote made to a business owner. I could be wrong but this appears more of an opportunity to eliminate dormant inventory instead of the right fit for the customer.

End user will have PRI lines, 20 extensions and 2 fax machines.

ESI-50L digital bundle - Basic cabinet (4x8x2, 4 ports x 30 hours voice message storage)
Memory module (CompactFlash)
Two 482 cards
1 expansion cabinet
20 40D-Key feature phones
12 licenses for VIP Pro
Upgrade to ESI 40D phones (x5)
Upgrade to ESI 48 Key 3-line display receptionist phone (x2)
SL-DLC82 card for PRI, 23 channel x 8 digital x 2 analog
Upgrade ESI-50L voicemail fm 4-ports x 30-hours to 6-ports x 30 hours

Like I said, there could be more to this that I'm not aware of but a new install of these dimensions call for a CS100 with 1 DLC12 Card and 1 E2-D12 Card.

BTW, those specs aren't for a 50L, they are for a 50L upgraded to a 50.
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