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Author Topic: Why do I have more than one circuit id on my circuit?  (Read 7760 times)

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Why do I have more than one circuit id on my circuit?
« on: May 03, 2010, 04:34:22 PM »
Ever wonder why you’ll see two circuit identification tagged on a demarc or circuit tag? That’s because there are very often two different providers delivering a circuit. The IXC (inter exchange carrier) bringing the circuit from across the country or from cross town and the local Telco delivering the “last mile.” Each will have their own identification for a circuit.

I can see how this is going to cause some confusion… I deal with this stuff all day everyday and it still seems normal to me but I can understand looking from the outside it would seems a little odd.

IXC’s use Circuit Reference numbers (aka CKR’s) to name their circuits end-to-end.

LEC’s use “circuit id’s” (ECCKT’s) to NAME their circuits.

One end-to-end circuit that crosses LATA’s will actually have three NAMES. Two “circuit id’s” (ECCKT’s or aka ckt id) and one “circuit reference.”

Let’s see if I can type out something that formats well enough that it gives a picture of it.

Joe ---------------------------- ---- AT&T Long distance ----------------  George
Milwaukee, WI --------------------- (Frame Relay Cloud) -------------- Las Vegas, NV
End-user --------------------------  x-connect ------------------------- end-user
at&t Telco ------------------- ------ ASI --------------------------------- CenturyLink
11/HCGS/000111//WI -----------------------------------------------------------------
< ----------------------------- /DHEC/000222/ATI -------------------------->

At either end you'll often see BOTH names on the tag. Joe will see a 11/HCGS/000111//WI from the Milwaukee Telco/LEC and /DHEC/000222/ATI from the IXC … Where George will see 27/HCGS/000333/EQ from the Las Vegas Telco/LEC and /DHEC/000222/ATI from the IXC.
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