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« on: April 29, 2010, 03:28:00 PM »
Hello my name is Bryan Parmenter from O'Fallon, MO (30 miles west of Saint Louis)

I'm currently a Provisioning Engineer for a Telco/LEC. Since that title can be a little ambiguous the short version of an explanation of that is… once a "business class service" order is placed, they are sent to me to be drawn out. I'll choose all routing and equipment required to provide the service (circuit) and then send documents to the field forces for installation.

I've also in past lives in telecom, I've worked as a data installer, cable jockey, national roll-out coordinator, and center manager.

CnGRacin' is a shortened version of Cars -n- Guitars Racin' which was the team name of my race team I owned and drove for, for 8 years. I retired from dirt track stock-car racing in Oct. of '07 but still continue to play guitar, write music and am working on establishing a band.
Cars -n- Guitars Racin' (Racing retired '07)