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Computers, Software & Accessories / Google Chrome?
« Last post by hbiss on Today at 10:06:52 AM »
Another OS? Google Chrome, anybody know anything about it? I thought WIN 8 was bad. I see it's linux based and uses the Chrome browser as an user interface. How the hell do you get it to do anything useful?

Computers, Software & Accessories / Re: Amazon Fire Tablet?
« Last post by NFCphoneman on Today at 09:44:40 AM »
Yes, they are a good value. I've used one for several years. I like to read when I go to bed and this what I use. My wife and 2 of my kids got the latest version for Christmas. Their Kindles are nicer than mine, but I rarely see them using them.

As Skip mentioned, the ads are not intrusive at all. An ad will pop up on the home screen when you open the tablet and that's it.

While I wouldn't use it for work, they are good for reading and internet surfing.
Computers, Software & Accessories / Re: Amazon Fire Tablet?
« Last post by Skip555 on Today at 07:18:07 AM »
I like the one's I had I read a lot so I was using it as a Kindle reader , surfing the Web Watching videos etc  . I dropped mine and shattred the screen.  for 50 or so its a great tablet . (watch for sales look for open box )

its not pure android so there are some things and apps it wont run .

the ads aren't bad they are only on the home screen , once you open the tablet they are gone . I learned to ignore them .

I replaced it with this and I like it better , better  sound and graphics  I just got 10 for the non profit that Suzi runs .I 've been buying the used /refurb /open box ones for 90 or so


Computers, Software & Accessories / Amazon Fire Tablet?
« Last post by EV607797 on Yesterday at 10:26:23 PM »
I would have never thought this, but continuous pop-up ads on Facebook eventually got my curiosity.  Is this thing of any use to someone like me?  I understand that it doesn't have any serial ports, etc. for work use, but for casual wifi-only use, isn't it just as good as a smart phone without the phone capabilities?  The price (when bought as the ad-free version) doesn't seem bad.

Cabling / Re: Testing CAT6 Shielded cable with Byte Brothers RWC
« Last post by MacGyver on Yesterday at 10:10:34 AM »
Thanks for the insight.  That helps a lot.  I've been playing one this morning and that makes sense.

Skip, it looks like the LVPro sells for even less than the RWC. 
Cabling / Re: Testing CAT6 Shielded cable with Byte Brothers RWC
« Last post by Skip555 on Yesterday at 08:08:04 AM »
 Bobby sums it up well  , Ive had mine a couple of years I Like it overall . my biggest complaint is having to go to the other end of the cable and plug the probe/ remote in as part of the test . I thought I lost it so I bought a LV pro which is my go to tester I use the RWC  if there is a issue becouse it will give me distance to the fault .  I do small cable jobs  30 drops is a big job for me .  For the money its a good tool 
Cabling / Re: Testing CAT6 Shielded cable with Byte Brothers RWC
« Last post by TexasTechnician on February 19, 2019, 11:39:12 PM »
I've had one for a few years and I like it very much for what I use it for. I think Skip has mentioned it's an inexpensive device compared to the Fluke's and such.

It will provide you with a lot of information for each cable indeed.
The argument against the tester is when it comes to "Real World" or as the manufacturer refers to it "RW" it gets a little strange.
Example: There is a cable test that is very accurate and the results are accurate.
If a pair is OPEN the problem will be indicated in the test report.

In the "Real World" test the cable will indicate a "PASSING" test result if the data flow is sufficient even with the open pair.

All in all for my use I like the tester. If I were in the cable certification business no way!
Computers, Software & Accessories / Re: Antivirus
« Last post by Marc Haycook on February 19, 2019, 04:09:47 PM »
I never saw your question back to me, but there really isn't a home version. I just buy the small office version. It's under $100 and it gives me up to five devices.

As far as the overhead, during setup you can turn off what you don't want. I agree... there's way to much crap. I just run the anti-virus and Outlook filters.
Computers, Software & Accessories / Re: Antivirus
« Last post by MacGyver on February 18, 2019, 06:27:03 PM »
Dave, we actually did try it and yes, it was breaking the indexing as well.  Right now we're getting set up with an MSP console through PC Matic to try the White Listing route. 


They have a lot of features we like, so we'll see what happens.
Larry, we've been having a huge issue with that for well over a year now with one of our offices.  Patients who use gmail aren't getting notifications about appointments, assessment results, etc. because 1) gmail flushes them to the spam folder, and 2) for whatever reason, Google designed the GUI in gmail so that you don't even see that you have messages in your spam folder unless you specifically open that pulldown to check.  Unfortunately, it's not like you can call anyone.
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