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Vodavi / Re: Bluetooth-Compatibility on XTS phone system?
« Last post by Keighlar on January 12, 2022, 07:10:30 AM »
The only other option would be a SIP phone with BT built in.  I suppose it depends on how much they use the system features on their phone. 
Vodavi / Re: Bluetooth-Compatibility on XTS phone system?
« Last post by NFCphoneman on January 12, 2022, 05:50:58 AM »
The only thing would be an adapter for the phone that allows a Bluetooth headset. Poly(com) use to make the Plantronics Voyager Legend CS that allows a Bluetooth headset to be used with your office phone. I'm not even sure if they make that anymore.
Vodavi / Bluetooth-Compatibility on XTS phone system?
« Last post by EV607797 on January 11, 2022, 03:36:48 AM »
I have a customer with a very large XTS-600 system that we have intentionally maintained at version 2.10. They are now asking for Bluetooth-compatible phones for headsets, etc. All phones currently are 30XX models. I seem to recall that the later EDGE series of phones offered this compatibility, but I'm not sure. Is there anything available, especially without having to do a system software upgrade?
Data Networks & Routers / Re: About to be Switched to Fiber Optic
« Last post by hbiss on December 13, 2021, 12:56:56 PM »
They will install an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) that takes the fiber and provides POTS lines as well as ethernet. So yes, you should be able to just unplug the ethernet cable from the DSL modem and plug it into the ONT RJ-45 port. Any phone lines plug into or connect to the ONT also.

Data Networks & Routers / About to be Switched to Fiber Optic
« Last post by Southernphonemans Telecom on December 13, 2021, 10:14:46 AM »
I have a customer who is about to be switched to fiber optic from copper/dsl. Is the current line within their house compatible with the fiber optic line they are installing?
Computers, Software & Accessories / Re: Question Regarding DSL versus Fiber Optic
« Last post by hbiss on December 11, 2021, 08:52:21 PM »
Depending on the provider it can be up to 1 Gig.

At my locale we have deathly slow centurylink dsl internet at 6 mgs. W#ord has it that centurylink is going  the fiber optic route here. How much faster is fiber optic than DSL?
Samsung / Re: Dropped Calls "plug out" message. Multiple users on OfficeServ 7400
« Last post by KDLange on December 01, 2021, 12:25:33 PM »
To hitechcomm - thanks for the reply and I can't tell you if it is a true PRI or SIP with handoff.  I believe it is true PRI, but that is part of my problem - being ignorant.  I do appreciate your help with moving forward to replace, but we are already moving forward to a hosted phone system with a local ISP or with RingCentral.  So, thanks again, but we can handle the replacement part - we just can't figure out what is wrong now and how to keep things working optimally with our current system until it is replaced.

To CMDL_GUY - thanks again and I am beginning to suspect that it is not a Samsung issue and we are moving forward with replacement as noted.  Our main office is in Columbia, Missouri and we are the only ones experiencing this problem right now.  Our office in Jefferson City is behaving normally.   I am replacing all of our PoE switches at the moment that our current phones use just in case they are causing the problem and we need new ones any way. 

If there is  a tech you could send my way I would definitely be interested - I would like to fix the problem we are having if possible, regardless of the plan to replace.
Thanks again.
Samsung / Re: Dropped Calls "plug out" message. Multiple users on OfficeServ 7400
« Last post by CMDL_GUY on December 01, 2021, 05:35:29 AM »
Now we are seeing "no channels available" when trying to make outgoing calls - not all the time, just some of the time.

Kirk, this intermittent problem is most likely NOT a Samsung issue.  I can understand the reluctance to replace such a large system but you really need to be considering just that!  Samsung has been out of the key system business for 3 years now, which makes dealers harder to find. History shows the systems with the larges amount of phones usually experiences premature power supply failures leaving you with a completely failed system. If you can't get someone on site now, think of what that may be like! I know you are a CPA and most likely have this investment spread out for tax purposes.  You should (in my opinion) talk with Ken (hitechcomm)   about what he can do for you.

I don't have a Samsung Tech in my network of resources at the moment and I realize I am beyond my abilities to troubleshoot this problem. If you know of anyone who is a Samsung Tech and would be willing to consult on this case, please let me know.

If you let me know which of your locations is having the issue, I may be able to get you on site help
Samsung / Re: Dropped Calls "plug out" message. Multiple users on OfficeServ 7400
« Last post by hitechcomm on November 30, 2021, 07:53:25 PM »
2 things

1. Is it a true PRI or SIP with Pri handoff

2. We can help you moving forward with a replacement system.
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