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Title: Mitel SX 50 programming issues?
Post by: Kahl on June 28, 2017, 10:45:14 AM
Yes, I know this is an ancient system, but I am helping a non profit organization and am doing this for free. So here is the issue. I started from scratch and rewired everything. I don't have any real experience with this system, I have just read the manuals. I cannot figure out how to dial  9 for an outside line. I have all room phones working. I get no trunk loop current message. I'm sure it is a programming error. Could someone please give me a basic programming set-up for this system? It should be the same as a basic hotel set-up i'd say 20 to 30 rooms. card config is ons line card slot 1-6, universal card slot 7, ons line card slot 8, ls/gs slot 9  and ons line card slot 10.... any help is appreciated, I'd like to get these old boys the ability to contact people