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Title: Plexar vs T1
Post by: bluzman on June 24, 2013, 02:53:40 PM
Greetings All, Hope everyone is keepin' cool, as summer is officially here. :023: Hey, I'm in the process of proposing a bid on a courthouse here in central Kansas. As I was writing up this bid I became perplexed as this paticular customer has 28 pots lines on Plexar. Without sharing too much information, I was wondering if they would be better served with a 24 channel T1? I'm not sure if Centrex and Plexar are the same, but around here it is common for AT&T to manage multi-line customers with what is called Pkexar...i.e...3/4 digit calling to multiple sites. Customer shared with me about what they are spending now. I tried to get an approx. cost on T1 in the area and cannot get a straight answer from AT&T. Go figure! I did not know that AT&T bid telephone systems until now, they proposed a bid on said courthouse for a VoIP system. Anyway to make a long story longer; anyone have some feedback for me? Try and keep the feedback PG-13 at the minimum :011: TIA!!!!
Title: Re: Plexar vs T1
Post by: EV607797 on June 25, 2013, 07:58:56 AM
You are correct, Plexar is Centrex.  It is all about naming rights and if I recall correctly, Bell Atlantic somehow retained the right to use that name.  In these parts, Centrex lines cost about half of what a standard POTS line does, so they are quite cost effective.  Putting one on every phone on every desk often eats into this savings, but the station equipment is a lot less expensive than a system.

Unless you can get a T1 or PRI from a CLEC, I wouldn't count on at&t's rate being reasonable.  Then again, you will still need to provide the customer with some kind of system to use this circuit.  This will bring the up-front cost up substantially.

Since you are effectively competing with a hosted solution, I'd suggest that you partner with a local hosted service provider so that the customer is comparing apples to apples.  If at&t comes in with an up-front cost of say $1,000.00 and yours for a system is say $20,000.00, they will toss your quote in the trash.
Title: Re: Plexar vs T1
Post by: bluzman on June 25, 2013, 02:44:53 PM
Thank you Ed. Appreciate the advise!! :066: