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Title: ESI Password Reset Information
Post by: Grider on November 30, 2012, 07:43:07 AM
ESI Systems are manufactured with two passwords that the person in charge of programming must have in order to perform both routine and critical changes within programming. The Installer password is the premium and with this password access to all levels of programming can be obtained. The Installer password is almost always changed from the factory default password to a unique password by the ESI Dealer prior to or during the installation process.

The reason the password is changed is for the ESI dealer to be able to effectively honor any warranty associated with the system. In simple terms, a system cannot be warranted if everyone has access to the programming changes that make the system viable to the business in which it is installed.

Since ESI Systems have proven themselves to have a productive lifespan which is greater than the business in which it was originally installed it is very common for the ESI system to outlive it's original location. When a business is on the way out you will never find the need to reset the ESI Installer password on the to-do list. This, in my personal opinion, is how there are so many quality ESI Systems on the market being prepped for continued service in a location other than the original.

The ESI Installer Password can be reset by following a procedure which is part of being an ESI Certified Technician of a certain level. The actual technical process involved only takes moments, depending on the system. Expect to answer a few questions before the service can be performed. The main reason for the Q&A is to protect the integrity of an existing warranty and a few security details.

Some ESI dealers do not offer this service, due to liability reasons, and some do with the expectations of being able to provide future service of the system. Some ESI dealers simply do not have the ability.

Contacting a certified ESI dealer is the first step. If you are not aware of who your ESI dealer is then either post a request in the ESI forum or email/private message any Moderator of the MyPhonetechs forum. I would recommend the ESI moderators if possible.

Thank You

John Grider/ESI Certified Technician